A Worldwide Leader in Plastic Commerce

“Since becoming the first plastic recycling business to establish an online presence in 1996, we have worked hard to remain at the forefront of our industry by offering a consistently high level of service and accessibility.”

Why Choose Plastic Recycling Network, Inc.?


With over 80 years of combined experience in the plastic recycling industry, we have a vast knowledge of material handling and processing of secondary goods. Since 1974, our management team has overseen hundreds of thousands of successful shipments of recycled materials, including waste paper and plastics.

Global Scope.

We have built relationships with companies around the world, giving us a wide range of domestic and export capabilities.


For each and every shipment we receive, the customer is compensated for their goods in a fair and timely manner. We proudly display the Dun and Bradstreet logo as a symbol of our long-standing financial viability and credit worthiness.


With the current trend toward green initiatives, companies around the world are seeking easy, efficient ways to offset their impact on the environment. Plastic recycling is a budget-friendly, responsible way to dispose of post-industrial waste. As an added bonus, you’ll build a reputation as an eco-conscious company, which carries a lot of weight with today’s green-minded consumers.